Tuesday, 2 November 2010


He stands before me, his eyes, loaded with desire, fixed upon my mouth. We are but inches apart, the heat from our faces palpable. He places his foot inside mine, his knee touching my knee, his leg caressing my thigh. He sways slightly, rocks mildly back and forth, back and forth, threatening, promising, at any moment to fall.

His warm sweet breath graces my skin, invades my senses. He takes my hands in his, so gently, and raises them to his face. He clutches them tight and brushes them to his cheek. My heart is bursting, every fibre of my being is pulsating. I am transported.

He moves his hands slowly up my arm, my elbow. He takes firm my shoulders and pulls me towards him. Our bodies fully connect for the first time, telling tales of our wanton passion. I am electric. My head is light. I am still standing, but don't know how. I have him at the waist and embrace the small of his back, pulling him in tighter.

He takes my neck in his powerfully gentle hands, his fingers trace the skin lightly, and I tingle, melting into his touch. Our eyes meet. His tongue wets his fleshy lip, and his mouth provocatively draws it inside - biting it, it reddens, swells. I mirror, unconsiously, blood flooding my face.

"Is this ok?", he whispers, the sound reverberating through my whole body.

"Yes!", I plead.. "Yes.."

And we kiss.